Many grandparents are involved with their grandchildren’s dance education- which is great! I am constantly encouraging students to share their skills and new knowledge with their parents and grandparents.

The book Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie by Laurie Jacobs is a great book option to incorporate into your classes or camps with younger dancers.

The description reads:

“Lucky for Sophie and Chloe, Grandma Tillie knows how to royally entertain her grandchildren. To their delight, whenever Grandma Tillie babysits, she seems to disappear, only to be replaced by a parade of lovable characters. There’s Tillie Vanilly with the bright pink hair, star of The Tillie Vanilly Show, who loves to tell jokes and dance the conga; Chef Silly Tillie with the lampshade hat who offers up a dinner of Worm Chili with Glue Gravy; and Madame Frilly Tillie with the sparkly eyeglasses and towel turban, the world’s most creative bath-bubble stylist. Sophie and Chloe wonder who will appear to tuck them into bed: Hiker Hilly Tillie, Explorer Chilly Tillie, or Zoo-lady Gorilly Tillie? To their surprise, it’s the best character of all—just plain Grandma Tillie.” Source

With this book, you can expand it into an in-classroom exercise, as well. Ask the dancers if they could create any character, who would they invent? Let them pick a name, costume, super power, and favorite things for their character. This build their storytelling ability as well as their imaginative play!

silly frilly