Seven Tips to Drive Web Traffic With Your Social Media Sites

By Jon Koerber, President ClassJuggler Dance.

As we discussed in the article How Your Studio Benefits from Having a Social Media Presence, having a presence on social media sites can help you build customer loyalty, generate new business, and boost search engine relevance. But there are many ways to represent your business on a social media site – some better than others.

We have assembled 7 valuable social media site tips  that will help you get more value from any social media marketing/efforts. These are based on what we have seen our most social-media-savvy ClassJuggler dance studio customers do that works.

Tip #1: Connect Your Website to Your Social Media Sites

You’d be amazed at how often studios put no links on their company websites to notify site visitors and customers about their Facebook or Twitter presence. “If you build it, they will come” may work for Kevin Costner making a baseball field, but if you don’t tell your site visitors about your social media sites, they will not find them!

The easiest way: Tell folks on your website’s About page. “Check out our YouTube channel and look us up on Facebook!” with a link to each is all it takes.

Even better: put icons that show up on every page.

social media toolbar

Simply make each social media site icon a link, and your customers can find your social media sites.

Tip #2: Connect to Your Website from Your Social Media Sites

Your social sites are a great way to increase the number of backlinks to your site (which can boost your search engine results page position). For example, if you post a video of your Tiny Tots Intro to Dance class, also include a link back to the information or signup page for the class on your website.

Tip #3: Use the social media site’s About page

If a potential client happens upon your social media site, will they easily be able to navigate from your social site to your website? Only if you take advantage of this one simple opportunity: back-linking.

With most social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you have the opportunity as a business owner to create an About page or some other kind of info text block about your business on the social site. Surprisingly few businesses take advantage of this description page to link back to their company website. Add a description of your business and a link back to your site, and you will likely be driving new business to your front door.

Tip #4: Stay active … but don’t be a bother

With most social sites, your customers or prospects can subscribe to your posts, so that your updates show up in their social site newsfeed or so that they receive e-mail notifications when you post something. This means two things:

  1. You should be active, posting content regularly so that you are regularly making an impression on them; you don’t want them to forget about your business, right?
  2. You should meter out your communications judiciously. A business who posts something every hour will be perceived as just “noise” – as annoying as a fly that won’t stop buzzing.

So while you should be active, you should be polite as well, posting once or twice a day at most, and once or twice a week would by okay too. Once or twice an hour? Not okay.

Tip #5: Consider both prospective and current customers

Put content on your social media sites that considers the interest of all your viewers. Parents may appreciate your post reminding them to come at least an hour before the performance for costuming and warmup. Your students may appreciate your “Congratulations on winning the dance contest last night!” accolade. And potential customers may appreciate the coupon code you post that gives them their first month of classes at half price.

Tip #6: Be relevant

Consider using your social media activity to express information that is a real value to those who see it: holiday closure reminders, new class announcements, links to the an online store that has a great price on leotards, directions to the weekend dance contest location, etc. Being relevant means that your subscribers will pay attention when you post something.

Tip #7: Be interesting

Not all your posts need to be informative. Since one goal of social media sites is to be – you guessed it – social, have fun with your posts as well. An amusing anecdote makes a good post. So does a motivational quote about dance.

Remember: Your most interesting posts are also the ones most likely to be shared by your followers with their friends – your potential future customers!

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