The groundhog might have predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but in the world of dance education, that means it is time to release your summer schedule.

When planning and releasing future schedules, consider the following to promote and increase your summer enrollment:

  1. Create A Schedule That Works: What kind of school schedules do you have to consider? What age groups attend varying offerings? With camps, mini camps, intensives and mini intensives, what is your focus group? Are mornings, afternoons, or weekends preferable?  For your evening classes, do you prefer to run a weekly class series schedule or more of a rotational, drop-in option? What offerings do you have that will make your program more enticing than another studio’s or activity’s options?
  1. Pick A Popular Price Point: Compare other areas of extracurricular pricing, and hit a price point that is representative of the quality and time of your programming. Avoid overpricing. The new student that attends your camp may enroll in your year-round programming, making it a win-win situation.
  1. Enrolling Your Clientele: Are you publishing your information in time to make it on your clients’ calendar? Is this information easily accessible in your studio and online? Do you send the information home with every child in the studio? If you wait too long to release your schedule, you may lose valuable business. It is essential to communicate the readiness of future schedules; set a date and stick to a timely release.
  1. Graphic Representation: Are you providing the information in an easy to access, visually appealing format? If your schedule is too cluttered or disorganized, it may deter someone from considering it as an option. Consider the look of your marketing; it is important in your overall appeal.
  1. Register Early: Do you have an incentive for early registration? Discounts? Bundle options? Find a way that attracts clients to commit to your offerings sooner rather than later.
  1. Cancel Early or Not At All: If you feel like a summer event may not make its required minimum enrollment, cancel early (incredibly early) or run the event with fewer attendees. Canceling is fatal to summer retention, and you want to be known as a reliable source of summer activities and offerings.


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