As new dance seasons launch, it is important to maintain awareness of your retention rate and retention strategies. You should be connecting and communicating with your clientele, and if families are not returning to your studio, you should know their reason. For many, it is familial preference (trying a new activity, moving, job transfer, etc.). Ultimately, your goal should be that people are ALWAYS leaving your studio with a positive experience (and, if people feel they have not had a positive experience, take the time to listen to their concerns).

Maintaining respectful relationships is essential in your brand reputation, and, numerous times, families that are not currently attending our classes refer friends to our programming because we emphasize the importance of the relationship. Every relationship and interaction is valuable, and you should treat it as such.

Some retention strategies include:

  1. Individually Emailing All Unregistered Clients: Reach out to the client, let them know that you have missed seeing them, and offer a class placement/recommendation reminder and an easily accessible way to register for classes. Tell the client to please let you know if their registration plans have changed.
  2. For people that do not respond to the email (within a few weeks), follow-up with a phone call. Let them know that you are thinking of them and that you would love to see them at the studio.

Individualized outreach will create a stronger client experience and will increase a customer’s brand loyalty, even if they are not currently attending your studio. Treat each person as a special, unique individual (they are!) and take the time to reach out and connect.