Within the dance world, things occur on a regular basis that take us by surprise and ignite a variety of emotions: excitement, sadness, anger, happiness, anxiety, and fear. Whether you receive the information via email, phone call, in person, as a review/social media post, or through the grapevine, it is important to refrain from responding impulsively. When a situation of conflict  occurs, take the time to process the information, share it with a close confidant, and determine an appropriate, professional response. As difficult as it may be in the moment, you will not regret thinking it through.

For times when you are put on the spot, such as in-person or via an unexpected phone call, do not hesitate to tell the person that you will have to schedule a separate time to discuss their concerns. Let the person know that their concerns are important to you, and you want to allocate time to give their concerns the attention they deserve.

When you have a meeting and the person is in heightened defense mode, do your best to remain calm. Listen to the person’s concerns and offer a calm, collected, rational response. Many times, the person may not even hear what you are saying, but, by staying calm and reasonable, you are setting the tone for professionalism and exemplifying the culture of your brand.

Take the time to confront issues and concerns in a timely manner. Avoided conflict can fester and become a heightened issue. Be confident, explanatory, and stand behind the standards of your business. And, if you have made a mistake, take the time to make it right. If you approach concerns with care, reasoning, and timeliness, people will respect you. Remember, many times, people just want to be heard. If you allow them that opportunity, they will appreciate you and your business.

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