If you were asked to list the five most unforgettable moments in your studio, what would the list encompass? Would it be positive, happy moments or would it be negative, dramatic moments?

From your last performance or showcase, do you remember every compliment you received, or do you remember the complaints and concerns?

In the dance studio business, we are personally attached to our work. We want people to love it and support us, and when they do not, it can be very hurtful. This reality expands far beyond our industry as explained in Alina Tugend’s article Praise Is Fleeting, but Brickbats We Recall.

In order to succeed, it is important to approach your work with confidence. People will offer their suggestions, feedback, and opinions, but remember that you are the professional. You have the expertise. Be confident in your actions and choices, programming, and infrastructure, and you will succeed.

When you are managing negative feedback, reference the following two articles: (1) 10 Things to Do Even if They Judge You and (2) 6 Things Happy People Never Do.

While criticism can feel overwhelming in the moment, keep the reality of the commentary in perspective. Do not let it define you, and stay confident in your choices.

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