People receive an abundance of information from multiple directions on a variety of topics.  It is important to reiterate and remind your clients about upcoming events, deadlines, information, and expectations.

(1) Plan An Email Messaging Timeline: Use an email messaging system (Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc.) to send emails about upcoming news and updates. The insights show who is reading the information, allowing you to know who is engaging. Plan and schedule your emails in advance, so that important information is received multiple times.

(2) Use Online Forums: Post the information on your website and/or social media.

(3) Use Paper for the Most Important Information: When extremely important information is distributed (welcome packet, recital details, placement, class schedules, etc.), use paper. You may have to re-email the information at some point, but the paper will indicate the significance of the information. You may also choose to collect signatures acknowledging receipt of the paperwork for individual accountability (policies, new procedures, etc.).

(4) Post in the Lobby and/or on the Front Door: Deadlines, upcoming events, etc. may be posted in the lobby and/or on the front door.

(5) Use A Sandwich Board: A chalkboard or or sign placed outside your front door is a great way to remind clients about upcoming events (especially when the weather is nice).

The bottom line is to use as many access points as possible to promote and maintain client engagement with your studio! Remind and reiterate- consistent, planned communication is key!

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