When does your studio begin the process of rehearsing recital routines? Your chosen timeline reflects the culture and mission of your studio.

At our studio, recital routines are rehearsed March-May, and the recital is held the first week of June.

Why do we choose to operate this way? We have a detailed timeline that reflects the calendar year. Our schedule is designed to maximize the productivity and growth of our dancers.

The timeline is:

August/September: Technique

October: Technique + Brief Choreography Combination for Informal Observation at the end of the month

November/December: Technique + Choreography/ Demonstration of Holiday Themed Piece

January/February: Technique

March/April/May: Technique + Recital Choreography

June/July: Summer Session

With this system, the students are acquiring a strong technical foundation, which makes setting choreography even easier. With the three choreographic checkpoints (as well as varying class combinations throughout the year), the students acquire the importance of learning choreography in a more timely manner.


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