Dance Execs! I am so excited to introduce you to a new site today-bookmark it, use it , and read more about it below!


This site is what it sounds like- a site for posting and finding dance jobs. Created by sisters Rebecca Brettingham-Filice (the successful owner of Dance Extreme in London, Ontario, Canada)  and Sondra Cluer (co-owner of Fine Vintage Ltd., the leading provider of wine courses, wine tours, and wine job websites in the USA and Canda), the site is designed to alleviate the stress and headache of finding quality individuals for dance jobs. It is truly wonderful that Rebecca and Sondra combined their knowledge and talents to create something that serves such a need in our industry.

When asked about the creative motivation behind the site, Rebecca said:

The number one cost for all dance studio owners is staff.  Building the right team is critical to the success of any studio.  We wanted to create a job site which would allow employers to do a targeted search for instructors and administers in the dance industry. Companies who post on our dance job sites are impressed by the quality of applicants they receive and by how easy it is to post a job.   The search is very focused – dance jobs only.  Then, once the position is successfully filled they can edit their own posting and mark it as filled so that they can then move on to training their new team member.  Job seekers love the site because they can set themselves up as Alert users and receive all new job postings (based on their search parameters) within seconds of them being posted by the employer.  Jobs are filled within hours or days instead of weeks or months.”

This site certainly has the potential to become the premier resource center for employment in the dance industry.  It will match dance employers with employees (full time, part time and contract workers) as well as provide career information and directory resources. Check it out, and start using it today!

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