While recital season is still several months away, it is important to implement a timeline to be well prepared for your show. An important part of planning your recital is costume selection. As costume catalogs arrive in mailboxes, make sure you are strategically selecting garments that are well-made, age appropriate, and pleasing to your clientele. The costume is a large component of the recital experience for your dancers and taking the time to guarantee well-fitted, quality costumes is critical to your production’s overall success.

To confidently guarantee the costumes are the perfect look for your students and studio, make plans to attend a costume preview show.¬†United Dance Merchants of America (UDMA)¬†offers a multi-city tour that features many of the costume catalog’s full lines (as well as other vendors and teachers’ resources). Many of the larger, individual costume companies also offer their own, independent shows.

Remember, have fun with the process! This is your opportunity to create, produce, and direct a show that encompasses your vision. Take the time to make your show unique, and go the extra mile to make it an exceptional experience for your dancers…from costumes to choreography!