Most dance instructors or studio owners have dealt with the progression/ placement dilemma at some point in their teaching careers. A parent enters your studio or class and demands that their child aspire to obtain semi-unrealistic goals in an unreasonable amount of time

 (The type of situation where the parent states, “My little girl should have her back handspring in one week for cheerleading try-outs, but she’s never tried a backbend.” Or “My daughter is 14-years old, has never taken ballet, and wants to enroll in pointe class tomorrow.”)

In these situations, it is important to remember that most parents are not knowledgeable about the whos and whats or the ins and outs of the dance world. When this situation occurs, it is important that you can offer valid, sensible information to explain why this is not in the student’s best interest.

Explain the importance of progression, alignment, placement, and training in a concise, sensible way that articulates your competence within your field. As an instructor or studio owner, if you feel weak in certain areas, it is important that you educate yourself to be as knowledgeable as possible within every facet of the industry.

The parents of your dancers are relying on your to create a path and road map for their dancers’ training.  Be confident and confirm that their dancer is in good hands!