The pinnacle moment of the dance year has arrived: RECITAL SEASON. The recital is an opportunity to showcase your dancers’ progress and achievements throughout the entire year. This is the one chance for every participant of your studio to see the fruits of your studio’s efforts for the entire year, and a successful show is truly a team collaboration. Are expectations high? Yes. Are you spending your days answering numerous questions? Probably. Are you feeling stressed? Most likely. Will your recital affect your registrations for the following year? Absolutely.

With so much at stake, it is important that you remain calm and organized throughout the entirety of the process. From costume distribution to creating the program to writing the show script to editing music to picture day to dress rehearsals to the actual show, remember that you are the leader and your clients have entrusted your leadership, artistic direction, and judgement in selecting your training facility. The recital is your opportunity to make your clients feel incredibly proud to be a part of your program and your culture.

We have compiled tips that work for our recital in theĀ Recital Planning Guide.

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