Passionate people make an impact, so imagine our excitement when The Dance Exec had the tremendous opportunity to collaborate with one of the most passionate companies around: Broadway Connection. Helmed by Jennifer Jancuska, Broadway Connection brings Broadway’s most in-demand master teachers and choreographers to studios, schools and universities via national tours and regional productions while elevating the convergence of theatre and dance as an educational, performing art.  Jennifer took the time to share a little bit of her background, Broadway Connection’s history and focus, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in our ‘Studio to Stage’ collaborations.

 Jennifer’s training, education, and professional experience have carved a place for her in New York as a choreographer, performer, producer and entrepreneur.  A native of Wilmington, DE, Jennifer began dancing at the age of 3 (ballet, tap, and jazz), furthered her training with the Pennsylvania Ballet, played college level lacrosse, studied engineering and hospitality and graduated from Cornell University before moving to New York City. Driven by passionate dreams of performing on the stage, Jennifer’s dedication to dance, vocal and acting studies ignited a professional career performing in TV, film and theatre as a member of Actor’s Equity.  Her positive energy and focus always brought her back to the studio to experiment, create and further her craft as a teacher and choreographer with fellow cast members which eventually lead to Broadway Connection’s foundation with business partner, Melissa Harres.  They were thrilled to create and share an educational platform connecting students with current working performers for the purpose of authentic, inspiring artistic evolution.  Upon it’s launch in December of 2007, Broadway Connection was quickly recognized and utilized in over 120 cities across the US and Canada.  The Broadway Connection experience was immediately coveted as one grounded in truth by its connection to teachers who successfully grew from studio to stage, organic in nature as a result of classes taking place at home studios, cost effective because there are no fees associated with travel or housing, and exciting as a concept that can extend a dancer’s vision and ambition beyond the classroom!

Here’s a insider look at Broadway Connection:

 “The Broadway Connection Experience with Kennedy Caughell (American Idiot) was amazing!  Our dancers were so thrilled to be able to one; go to the show, two; be able to see some of the behind the scenes props, set, etc., three; to be able to meet and talk with Kennedy after the show, sign ticket stubs and programs, four; to have a very energetic, real life experience of what auditioning for a show like American Idiot would be like!

Kennedy was so enthusiastic with our students and gave them some great real life advice, as many of our students are getting ready to look at colleges or what their next steps are with their dancing and acting careers.

Thank you for all of your help in coordinating this wonderful experience for our students.”

 Heather Wrubel
 Bowman Dance Company & School
 Philadelphia, PA
 Teacher(s): Kennedy Caughell — American Idiot

Broadway Connection and The Dance Exec are excited to explore and discuss how we, as the dance and theatre community, can support and develop the confidence, talents, and instincts of our dancers so that they have the opportunity to make choices as curious, passionate artists.  Each month, we will introduce and highlight multiple access points to educational opportunities tailored for dancers and triple threat performers in the pursuit of successfully developed musical theatre programs within dance studios. Hopefully, with you on our team, this will be a magnificent journey of discovery.  Welcome to Studio to Stage: A Broadway Connection and Dance Exec Collaboration!

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