At community events, festivals, classes, etc., we have learned that placing an item in the participants’ hand maximizes and increases your marketing exposure and impressions.

Try to tailor the item to the theme of the event- examples include:

  • Lollipops with logo/contact info attached
  • Passports for Dance Classes
  • Treasure Maps (that lead to the studio)
  • Cards with a Custom Message to a Targeted Niche

Whatever you hand out- make sure it has the studio logo and contact information in an easy to find location!

Also, at community oriented events, engage in conversation and initiate a relationship with a prospective client prior to giving them the handout. Let their interest spike regarding your offerings; that way, they will be grateful for the take-home item.

And, engage your creativity! With just about any theme, you can create something inventive that will define your studio and its culture!

Below is an example of a marketing/interactive piece we used for a community class at a local children’s museum: