There is a site I love called Proactive Coaching. From business leadership to studio operations to competitive team management, the advice is applicable and relevant to our daily work.

You can find several great articles and information via the Proactive Coaching Blog. And, on their Facebook page, you can find great snippets of information.

For example, yesterday, the page posted:

“Protecting our athletes from the “Disease of Me”…
If you are fortunate enough to have a talented athlete, you may have some challenges that most other parents don’t face. One challenge will be to have him/her maintain an attitude of gratitude and avoid a sense of entitlement. When athletes are given special privileges or treatment based upon talent, they learn at an early age that “normal rules don’t apply to me”. You can see this at all levels of sport. Parents can either promote or stop this slide. Not only don’t promote it yourself but look for and support coaches who will hold your son or daughter to the same behavioral and effort expectations as the rest of the team – avoid teams where other parents are expecting special treatment. When young athletes develop a sense of entitlement they are eventually headed for a big fall once they enter the real world.Parents and coaches working together to raise strong people!!” -Proactive Coaching 

Check it out- and, enjoy!

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