On occasion, students will drive significant distances to train privately at my studio. To supplement not seeing these students as regularly, I had to find a way to better track their progress. I found it highly beneficial to utilize goal sheets and folders during their private lessons. This way, students and parents can track their progress, and it offers an at-home plan for improvement, too.

When the student arrives for class, the goal sheet is marked with the date. As the lesson progresses, comments are made regarding each skill set and an overall diagnosis/summary is listed at the end of the report.

Think about it—you receive reports for health, automobiles, homes, etc. For some students, having a tangible progress report increases the value and result of their efforts within their lessons. And, while this method was originally implemented for traveling students, we have found success in using it for our regular clientele, too. Know the methods of learning that work for your students and implement teaching tools that will help them grow.