I am often asked how we manage our private lesson scheduling. Since our staff and instructors are employees, we organize all private lessons through the studio.

(1) To schedule a private lesson, the parents email a designated studio email address with their availability, instructor preference, and private lesson focus (technique, choreography, etc.).

(2) Our office tracks instructor availability and schedules private lessons via a Master Calendar Google Doc. Once a private lesson is scheduled, the instructor is notified.

(3) At the beginning of each week, private lesson confirmations are sent out to every scheduled private lesson. This reminds the parents of the lesson(s).

(4) The parent pays the studio, and the studio pays the instructors through our regular payroll process.

For private lessons, we have a cancellation and payment policy. If a private has to be cancelled or rescheduled, that goes through the office, as well. This streamlines communication and keeps the studio informed of all scheduling.

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