The title line of this article sounds negative; however, the lack of preparation among dance-related business entities appears to run rampant. At one point, the studio was contacted with an inquiry regarding space rental for a dance workshop. The studio was getting ready to send over our rental agreement once the workshop provided proof of insurance. The workshop had no insurance, so we chose to decline the rental of the space.

Before this incident, insurance seemed like an obvious requirement, but the workshop host had neglected the consideration of it and found it to be an unnecessary expense. Other dance studios had previously rented space to this group (without proof of insurance), and the dance studios probably had not considered the liability of renting their space to them.

The bottom line is that, first and foremost, your studio should protect itself. If something were to happen at an uninsured renter’s event, the liability could fall on your business. Think through everything and everyone that enters your studio and make sure you are appropriately protected. For more information on insurance and coverage, contact your local agent; this is not an area you want to overlook or neglect because you never know when something “might” happen.