The dance studio’s Facebook community is a direct audience and opportunity for expansive (and inexpensive) marketing for your business. After all, if the people that “like” your page are interacting with your posts, then all of their friends can see their connection and support of your business.

So, you have to ask: “What captivates people and provokes them to connect with a page?” Nothing intrigues or motivates people to interact with a page like a photograph. People absolutely love seeing photos of themselves or their children and will tag themselves and “like” or share the photo for all of their friends to see; thus, sending more attention and traffic to your page.

If people are liking, commenting, and sharing photos from your page, the page’s insights are going to increase (quickly and dramatically). If the pictures are quality, solid representations of your business and your brand, then it will promote your business, too.

There are many opportunities for picture sharing throughout the year. Consider the following as chances to showcase pictures of your dance community:

  • Performances
  • Studio Open Houses/ Community Events/ Parades
  • Class Accomplishments
  • Intensives
  • Staff/Student Acknowledgement
  • Convention/Competition Experiences
  • In-Studio Contests

Since the pictures are representative of your business and brand, it is important that they are high resolution, technically correct (when applicable), and representative of all facets of your student population. Spread the wealth! After all, the more pictures you post, the greater the likelihood of increasing your business’s social media presence.

For more information on social media, check out our Web Marketing Guide.