Do you ever encounter difficulty with the focus and attention level of your teen and pre-teen dancers? At this age, stickers and stamps are no longer effective and creative, relative positive reinforcement techniques must be used in order to resonate with the student.

After all, as teachers, we are battling students’ interest in their technology and connectivity to the online world. At one of our seminars, a studio mentioned the teens prefer to group text versus actually communicating with each other in class.

If the students are focused, try the following positive behavioral reinforcements and watch the general classroom culture shift:

  • Give students┬áthe option of choosing a couple of (appropriate) songs to use in class
  • Use their technology to video and critique a skill, combination, or routine. This also builds their self-awareness as a dancer.
  • When hard work is being consistently presented, reward the students with a 2-minute short social stretch or water break.

positive reinforcement