A student’s willingness to practice outside of the dance studio is music to any instructor’s ears, and when a student or parent inquires about helpful home practice products, it is important to be prepared with recommendations.

Here are a few of our favorite products:

1. Dance Dot: The Dance Dot is a conveniently portable solution for tap dancers that are eager to practice. Available in options for younger students ($75) or professionals ($129), the dance dot is perfect for working out rhythms or experimenting with sounds when you are away from the studio.

dance dot

2.Tumbl Trak: Tumbl Trak offers a variety of travel and home tumbling products to assist with students’ acrobatic success. Some favorite products include: Handstand HomeworkCartwheel Beam Mat (for younger dancers working on balance/cartwheels), and Folding Tumbling Mats (pictured below).

tumbl trak mat

3. Boss Ballet Barres: Boss Ballet Barres offers a variety of ballet barres for travel and home barre work. Our favorite option for young dancers is the incredibly precious Boss Princess Barre (pictured below).

boss princess barre


Whether your students are practicing tendus, tumbling, or tapping, with these products, they will be prepared with wonderful tools to assist in their growth and development as dancers.

What products do you recommend to your students? We would love to hear from you at info@danceexec.com.