Today, renowned photographer (and my personal friend), Curtis Scott Brown, launched a photography site devoted exclusively to dance. Curtis’ portraiture captures the intense beauty, strength, stamina, grace, and athleticism of each individual dancer.

Through cutting-edge editorial work, innovative series work: paint and weight of the ribbon, and impressively stunning production shots (the West Side Story shots are my personal favorite), Curtis knows how to capture the artistic essence of the moment. Of course, with a client roster that includes the Broadway Booking Office (NYC), the Carolina Ballet, the Casa Manana Theatre, and the North Carolina Theatre (to name a few), no one should be surprised about the level of his success.

From the perspective of a dancer, his portraiture evokes emotion and demonstrates beauty. From the perspective of a studio owner, his passion and professionalism  is commendable. And, from my perspective as a friend, I simply could not be more proud and excited for his accomplishments.

If you are in a performance related field, or if you are an arts enthusiast, I encourage you to check out and share his new site:  It is impressive, honest, and beautiful.

Here’s to you, Curtis!

cbp dance site