Parental support is exceptionally important in a child’s success as a dancer. That is undeniable.

A few weeks ago, we highlighted a post entitled:

The Teacher & The Parent: Identifying Roles & Responsibilities

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a blog post that was targeted for soccer families, but the message resonated with the dance industry, as well.

6 Reasons Parents Should Not Watch Practice by Skye Eddy Bruce

Do I believe  parents should never watch practices/rehearsals? Absolutely not. There is a time and a place for invited observations; after all, students love showing their art and their skills.

However, I think it is important to consider how parents integrate themselves into the learning experience. It should be experience based versus outcome based, and the roles of parent, student, and instructor should be unique, defined, and respected.

This trifecta will promote success for everyone involved, making dance an impacting and treasured experience.

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