2013 was a great year for The Dance Exec! Some of our posts really made an impression on our readers, and we thought it would be fun to share our Top 5 Most-Read Articles of 2013. 

1. HORRIBLE “Ballet Shoes”!(November 13th, 2013)– It turns out that a lot of dance instructors agree that these shoes are horrible! This post was inspired on a whim after seeing the “ballet display” in Target. Your responses rocked!

2. Eliminating the Idea of ‘Recreational’ Students: Shouldn’t All Students Receive Equal Training? (March 25th, 2013)– This post created a bit of a stir, but I firmly believe that all students deserve access to quality, technical dance training for their age and ability (i.e. a student should not be discarded to a “recreational combo class” at the age of 13 if  he/she is not dancing competitively).

3. Competition Levels: Necessary, or Not? (February 18th, 2013) The levels! Don’t they drive you crazy? Every year, there are more. Every year, it confuses us more.

4. Competition Kindness: Pass It On (April 15th, 2013) I was so heavy hearted writing this post. I simply could not believe some of the bullying  I encountered last competition season. Readers responded with their stories and experiences, and, the bottom line is: we must be kinder to each other.

5. Tight-en It Up! (September 19th, 2013) Tights are a huge debate! You read, responded, and weighed in with your opinions!

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