A year or so ago, I stumbled upon a podcast, Nick and Desiree’s Infinite Dance Cast, that is devoted exclusively to dance. Amazing, right?! The episodes are entertaining and informative, and I have to say that their program is truly unique. Hosted by Nick Drago & Desiree Robbins, the podcasts are wonderful resources for anyone involved in the dance industry. Available via itunes or their website, you can access any episode for free (itunes only archives the 50 most recent episodes; all episodes are available on the website).

Some of the show’s previous guests have included: Jo & Jax, Dana Wilson, Mandy Moore, Jason Samuels Smith, Albert Cataffi, Nappytabs, Al Blackstone, Courtney Galiano, and Kenny Wormald. And, of course, the hosts Nick & Desiree are quite the dance professionals themselves. You can read more about their professional bios here; check out their featured guest surveys below!

 Full Given Name: Desiree Robbins

Where you grew up: Costa Mesa, CA

Fav tv show:  Downton Abby

Great Read: The Hunger Games

Currently on iPod: Right Now – Rihanna

Dance Inspirations: Cyd Charisse

Memorable dance/career moment: TV spot with Merv Griffin

Advice to dance studio owners: Remember to always “Go back to basics”


Full Given Name: Nicholas (Nick) Drago

Where you grew up: Houston, TX

Fav tv show: Sons of Anarchy & WWE Monday Night Raw (yes I watch pro wrestling)

Great Read: On Writing by Stephen King

Currently on iPod: God Gave Rock & Roll To You by Kiss

Dance Inspirations: Gene Kelly & Donald O’Connor, nobody can touch them!

Memorable dance/career moment: I was fortunate enough to work as Theodore’s dance double in the first Alvin & The Chipmunks film.

Advice to dance studio owners: There is nothing that will help your students more than intense ballet classes multiple times a week. It also helps if the teacher has an accent because it makes them more intimidating.

 You can follow these two incredible dancers, educators and hosts via the following social media outlets:

Nick and Desiree’s Infinite Dance Cast on Facebook

Nick and Desiree’s Infinite Dance Cast on Twitter

Nick Drago’s Twitter

Desiree Robbins’ Twitter

 Be sure to check out their podcasts and share your favorites!

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