While the holiday season brings its own amount of hustle and bustle, it is important to think ahead to the New Year in January when students may be looking for dace programming.

While enrolling at the beginning of the dance season in August is certainly ideal, the reality is that it will not work for every prospective client. As a business, it is important to create a way that works for your studio to accommodate these new clientele.

January is actually our second highest enrollment period!

Consider the following:

  • Make sure you maintain your marketing. Clearly state that new students are still being accepted in your studio’s classes and programming.
  • Find a way to integrate these students into your programming. Whether it be through your currently designed class levels or through a new class session, make sure you have a class/level that will comfortably fit the new students without disrupting your current clientele.
  • Stressed about recital costuming? Plan on placing a second order as late as possible. It may not be the most convenient and it will require extra work on your part, but it will build your client base and enrollment.
  • Guarantee your new clients a great experience. We take extra effort to guarantee our clients receive an excellent, informed experience, regardless of their time of registration. If we cannot provide a great experience for new clientele (typically during the months of March-May when recital is in full swing), we explain the reasoning and take the time to refer them to a better time of year that will best suit their needs (usually our summer session). People appreciate the care and attention given to their individual needs.

In the midst of the holidays, consider the growth your business can have in the New Year! Take time to plan and be prepared when January arrives to welcome these new students into your programming.


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