With the New Year quickly approaching, it is important to reflect on the past year: what worked, what did not work, what brought value to your life, and what could be eliminated. Over the next few days, we are going to focus on different areas of well-being so that you can be your BEST YOU for 2015!

To start, think about your physical health. Working in the dance industry, physical health is undeniably important. Consider the following:

Exercise: Do you find enjoyable ways to stay fit and active? While I have always been active in dance and choreography, this past year I also added a morning workout that is just for myself. It adds energy to my day and provides needed time for me to process my thoughts.

Rest:Are you sleeping enough each night? Do you take time to detach and rest? If you are feeling tired, evaluate your sleep schedule. How could it improve?

Diet: Make sure you are properly nourished. Try not to skip meals and work to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Health: Take care of yourself! Listen to your body. Engage in preventative care, and when you are sick, take appropriate steps for recovery.

Most importantly, know what your body requires. In our crazy, busy schedules and lives, it may be difficult to prioritize your physical needs, but, in becoming the BEST YOU in 2015, find one-two areas that may need improvement and start there. The change will be noticeable!

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