With New Year’s Resolutions being a major focus point at this time of year, why not spread the goal setting mentality to your classrooms when you return to the dance studio? We appreciate the Magical Kingdom of Dance for sharing this great activity with us! 

Suggestion for your classes containing middle and high school students – give them an index card and have them list the class time and day, no name.  Ask questions like:  

1.  What are your New Year’s Resolutions pertaining to dance (like perfect attendance, proper attire) 

2.  What goals would you like to achieve in your dance class?  (like pirouette or splits) 

3.  Does the class move too slow for you, too fast, or just right?  

4.  What is your favorite part of class?  

5.  What is your least favorite part of class?

6.  Why are you taking Ballet?  Tap? Jazz?

7.  Any comments or suggestions?


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