Wake Up and Wiggle: Songs to Inspire the Young Dancer (presented by the Pacific Arts Group & performed by Marie Barnett) is a MUST HAVE album in your studio’s music collection.

The album is literally a preschool class curriculum, incorporating warm-up, imaginative dance,  prop usage, locomotor and coordination exercises, ballet skills, and goodbye.

Tracks include:

1. Wake Up And Wiggle

2. We’re Going to the Circus

3. Pretty Ballerina

4. This Is How Your Garden Grows

5. Hooray For Chasse

6. Rock N’ Roll Band

7. Beanbag Balance

8. Have You Seen My Teddy Bear?

9. Pom Pom Party

10. Today I Am A Fairy

11. Let’s Get Jazzy

12. Dancing Dream

13. All Around the World

14. The Goodbye Song (My Wish For You)

Personal favorite tracks include: Wake Up & Wiggle, Pretty Ballerina, Hooray for Chasse, and Let’s Get Jazzy.

Add it to your collection today!

wake up and wiggle

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