The following magazines should make their way into every dance instructor’s mailbox (or tablet):

dance teacher mag cover

Dance Teacher Magazine showcases the pulse of the dance industry, from studios to stages. The magazine blends the commercial, concert, and educational components of the industry, making it a must-have read for dance educators.

dsl mag

Dance Studio Life Magazine, published by Rhee Gold, features studio and instructional based advice, knowledge, and inspiration. From business-oriented articles to tips for technique, the magazine promotes tips, tools, and information to make your studio succeed.

e weekly

Entertainment Weekly is the pulse of the entertainment industry. From movies to television to books to music to Broadway shows, this magazine features it all. It is important to know what is currently happening in the entertainment world, and this is a great, all-encompassing resource.

psy today

Psychology Today is a must-have magazine if you interact with people on a regular basis. The insightful information offers knowledge, tools, and suggestions for interacting with others (while also offering suggestions for self-improvement and self-awareness).

magazine stack

Here are some other, useful suggestions, too:

Backstage Magazine

Dance Spirit

Forbes Magazine

Dance Magazine

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