Do you feel as though your preschool music, classes, and/or curriculum could use a refreshing infusion?

Check out Kimbo!

The site is great because it allows you to preview and sample music prior to purchasing and downloading. They have an abundance of wonderful options for your little dancers!

(Make sure files are downloaded to a desktop versus a tablet or phone for proper conversion. )

The site also features a Free Single of the Month (which is a great way to use/sample their music offerings).

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One Response to Music Monday: Kimbo

  1. Jacie White says:

    Chasta, I have been looking for some old (1980’s) Hoctor recordings and it seems no one has any of their music. I even checked Ebay! They had such a wealth of music, I can’t believe someone didn’t buy the rights.
    Do you know anything about them? Jacie White