As dance instructors and choreographers, we are so lucky to have the opportunity to constantly create pieces for our students. At times, I feel as though I have a lot of choreography on my plate, as I am sure most of you do, too. When those moments occur, it is so important to step back and make sure that you are choreographing logically—are the pieces making sense, does the movement fit the phrasing, are you really listening to the music?

 It is our duty to make sure that we are relaying concise, sensible movement to our students. Whenever my movement looks redundant or stale, I realize it is time to take a step back and return to the drawing board. I watch many studios do the same phrase in a variety of routines; is that growing our students? Sometimes, it is necessary that we admit that something may not be great. There is nothing wrong with tweaking something that may not look or feel the way you had hoped. In fact, it will only make us grow as educators, choreographers, and artists!