How often do you check your website for outdated content, the language of the text, and the need for updated/new material? Maybe you skim through it once a semester or once a year (depending on your studio’s schedule updates)?

Instead of sporadic, hurried website reviews, once a month, make an appointment with yourself to maintain and manage the content of your website. You will be amazed at how the relevancy and functionality of the site will increase.

When you review your site, consider the following:

  • Appearance and Content on the Home Page
  • Functionality/Relevance of Headers & Content of Sub-Headers
  • Content  (Bios, Pictures, Videos, Archives, Schedule, Policies, Tuition Information, etc.- does your site provide an accurate overview of your programming? Is it easy to read and understand? Have you used proper grammar and spelling throughout the site? )
  • Functionality of Links & Forms
  • Visual Appeal (Does the site have a clean, professional layout?)
  • Removal of Broken Links
  • Access to Contact Information

With a monthly website review, your site will remain in tip-top shape, making it a stronger online storefront for you and your business!

website review

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