The influx of dance shows into the media mainstream have been a blessing and a curse (for a variety of reasons). Today’s discussion is going to focus on dancers’ desire to mimic the moves and trickery that are shown on television.

One time, I was cleaning a routine for students from another studio. The students seemed confused about a certain move. When I asked for details to clarify the choreography, they simply said, “we learned it off of television.”

While  seeing complex, intricate moves can be inspiring and exciting, it is important to remember that, in order to successfully execute such moves, a dancer must have a strength, a strong technical foundation, and safe, progressive training.

Teachers must take a stand . Dancers should only execute movements that they can successfully, safely accomplish. This is integral to their training, advancement, and long-term physical safety.

We have to safeguard their development through their training. In time (and with proper training), students will reach that level. Use the dancing on television to prompt conversations about commitment, consistent training, and focus.  Those are topics on which we can all agree!