Dance Execs, there is no doubt that we are entering the busiest and craziest time of the dance year (although, I have to say, there truly is not an “off-season”). Right now, you are releasing new schedules, making placement recommendations, producing a recital, organizing costumes, planning next year’s activities, answering tons of parent questions, marketing to new students, as well as all of the other tasks that have to be completed on a regular basis.  How do we do it?! I am constantly amazed at the tenacity of the dance studio industry. We are steadfast, committed, and passionate about our students and our art, and that is how we are able to make it all happen.

So, when conflicts arise, the work load piles up, and you are feeling frustrated, think about the significant impact you are making! The next few months may be wild and crazy, but we will survive and we will be proud of our accomplishments along the way.

The following quotes are relevant for finding calm in the chaos. Read and apply them to your life and your career and, at the end of the day, know that you are part of something great. 🙂

work for a cause quote

discomfort quote


happiness quote