Do you have a mirror?  Take a look- YOU are a Dance Exec!  While I created and set the premise for the site (which is completely independently owned and operated and based on our experiences within the day-to-day operations of our studio), its value and purpose is to provide accessible resources, networking, high professional standards, and connective collaboration for everyone involved in the dance industry.

The Dance Exec is the executive and artist that we each represent; in our industry, we manage many roles, and it is important that we equally value the success and importance of each component. From studio owners, to teachers, to dance enthusiasts, every action, decision, and choice should be approached in a professional manner.  Our Studio Resource Guides, Blog Articles, and Coaching Services are intended to boost and bolster the professional standards of our industry and the success of our independent projects, studios, businesses, and legacies.

Since the Dance Exec’s launch on January 1st of this year, the site has reached hundreds of thousands of readers in over 50 countries.  Since the inception of the site, we planned to eventually venture out to meet and connect with our fellow Execs.  With our new seminar series launching in Charlotte, NC on January 12, 2014, the Dance Exec will be bringing the blog and resource guides to life in a productively detailed one-day event.

As we all know, the job of a dance professional is multifaceted.  This seminar will approach the professional aspects of running a dance studio through: (1) identifying, recognizing, and promoting your studio’s brand and culture, (2) systematizing your studio operations, particularly in regards to recital planning, class placement, competitive team organization, and staff management, (3) recognizing and implementing technological advances, (4) emphasizing the power of varying marketing techniques, (5) implementing project benchmarks and timelines, and (6) promoting products, music, and tools that will make a positive impact on your studio, and (7) discussing challenges and strategic solutions for the problems we encounter. We invite you to join us for our first event to kickstart your New Year! Registration is NOW OPEN, and you can find detailed event details and registration information here.

In addition to our seminar series, The Dance Exec online is committed to maintaining its standard of informative excellence. In the upcoming months, we will be unveiling a resource directory and offering a new studio resource guide.

Stay tuned…there are many exciting things in store!

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