In the performance industry, quick costume changes are a standard expectation. We should prepare our dancers for this expectation by encouraging fast, efficient, prepared changes prior to and during performances.

To help facilitate a quick change:

1. Know the turnaround expectation. How much time do you have?

2. Prepare in advance: How can the quick change be easier? Are you able to layer tights, undergarments, etc.? Can you move the quick change items to an area closer to the stage?

3. Set-up the costume components  to quickly dress and facilitate the change. Lay out all components: tights, shoes, accessories, and costume/ hair pieces.

4. Have a helper. If the change is super fast, have a helper assigned to help with dressing.

5. Do not stress. Stay calm and move fast.

If the thought of executing a quick change is overwhelming, practice the steps. Time it out and allow yourself to feel confident.

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