Everyone in the dance studio industry understands the importance of a studio’s recital. The following year’s enrollment is weighing on the success of this year-end culmination. You want everyone to leave happy, positive, and pleased. You also want to produce an event that is well-planned, high quality, classy, entertaining, and representative of your studio and brand.

Many studios hire a Videographer (preferably high-quality) to film the recital. While parents commonly purchase the Recital DVD as an event memento, the item is also a great marketing opportunity for you to showcase your business!

You can use the Recital DVD for the following marketing opportunities:

  • Play the DVD in your studio’s lobby to reach current and prospective clients
  • Play the DVD at events, festivals, etc. to showcase a piece of your business in action
  • Distribute the DVD to prospective clients as an example of your work

Create a show that you are proud to share! Order a few extra copies with your DVD order and watch in amazement as people are impressed with this subtle, yet highly effective, marketing tactic!


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