Does your studio offer car magnets for your clientele? This is a great marketing tool because (1) it allows your studio families to show pride in your business and brand and (2) it increases your community visibility.

When creating your car magnet, the design should be:

  • Unique and relevant to your studio and brand
  • Easy to read and recognize
  • In an easy to read and see text/color/font (that compliments all vehicle colors)
  • Inclusive of communication (include a website or phone number)
  • Considerate of size (select a magnet that is low-profile, but effective)

Less is more. You want people to immediately recognize your business and brand in traffic, at a stoplight, in a parking lot, etc. You also want your magnet to be unique from other studio magnets in your area/ peer circle.

To encourage use of the car magnets, give them away. Yes, give them away! This is the most effective way to implement this marketing strategy. At the studio, we have the magnets on the front desk counter with a sign that says, “Show Us You Like Us on Facebook and Receive a FREE Car Magnet”.

This implementation technique is a marketing double whammy: (1) you increase your Facebook “likes” and further engage your client community and (2) the client receives a car magnet which they will most likely put on their car.

Your car magnet marketing campaign results are solely based on the quantity of vehicles engaged in the community– for this strategy, more is definitely merrier. It is so fun (and exciting) to see your brand on cars that are out and about in your community!

dance car magnet

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