When it is time to plan your next marketing campaign, do not neglect reaching out to mother’s groups in your area. These groups are continually looking for new activities and ways to engage to their young children.

This marketing tactic is a great way to directly access your target audience of prospective dance students. In the past, we have had campaigns where we have offered complimentary demo classes to mother’s groups and attended mother’s group meetings and launch events. Events have been held at our studio and at varying, on-site meeting locations. Sometimes, the mother’s groups will recap their activities via a blog, which, providing your class is well-planned and successful, is a huge marketing tool for your studio and your business.

Whenever we interact with a new group, we always offer a special incentive: a registration discount, a give-away for the group, etc. We also make sure that we are fully prepared with studio cards and logo stickers for the children that participate in the trial classes.

Even if you do not see immediate results through registrations, consider how you are building your reputation and increasing your brand exposure. Priceless!

For other ideas on building your studio brand in your community, please visit our Community Integration Guide.