How many people have access to your studio? Do you freely give your staff keyed access to your building? What about when a staff member no longer works for you? Do you take the key back? Do you know he/she did not have it copied? Have you ever had to redo the locks on your facility because of an uncomfortable situation?  If you have changed your locks, you know that it can be costly, time consuming, and frustrating.

Beyond that, are people allowed to come and go as they please from your facility? Is your front door unlocked and accessible at all times during business hours?  How do you monitor entrances and exits?

The key to solving all of these questions and potential issues lies in a controlled, keyless access system. There are two primary systems for commercial keyless access:  Electric Strike or Magnetic Door Lock.  At our studio, we use an electric strike system.

With this system, there is a coded keypad that allows access to the building. Only Owners & Directors receive the code, and everyone else is admitted via a “buzz in” from the front desk. The code is regularly changed and updated and can easily be changed at any time if the need arises (similar to changing a door lock). Owners maintain keys for emergencies (e.g. If the power failed, the door entry system would not work. “Locked” is the default setting in case of a power outage.), but aside from that, the facility is entirely keyless.


(Example of Keypad)

keypad button

(Example of “Buzz” Button for Entry)

When opening the studio, we researched area preschools and educational facilities. This type of entrance system was the common standard, and it put our business at the same, comparable level for safety and security (a selling point to parents). Plus, when you have a late night at the studio or are working alone or in small groups, it is comforting to know that facility access is controlled.

The best keyless entry system for your studio is dependent upon your door type, budget, and installation requirements.  Our experience with the system has been incredibly positive, and we highly recommend exploring the option for your studio. Contact your local locksmith or home security expert for more information!

no keys

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