Our friends at Magical Kingdom of Dance are making this Monday extra magical with some great Valentine activities for your studio!

1. Free, Downloadable  Coloring Sheet. Click here to access a complimentary cupid-themed coloring sheet that describes a temps de fleche.

2. A Sweet Classroom Activity: One at a time, students walk diagonally across the dance room in a very sad manner until Cupid’s LOVE arrows touches their heart in the center of the room. Then, dancers skip happily the remainder of the way. Discuss that love is the greatest gift.

3. A “Kiss” Farewell: The chocolate kiss is the perfect Valentine treat.  At the end of class, students will line up single file to exit the classroom.  Place a single Hershey’s Kiss in the center of the students’ heads and see how many steps can be taken before it falls off. They must not look down and keep their head erect and steady, using slow ballet walks. Once they leave the classroom, they can ask their grown-up if they may eat their treat.

Thank you MKOD for spreading the love!


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