Last month, we introduced the collaborative feature, Magical Mondays, with the Magical Kingdom of Dance, a product line that focuses on teaching little ballerinas French terms, basic steps, and a lifetime love of dance through the use of illustrated characters and the educational Alphamat.

One of the most exciting components of MKOD’s curriculum is the dance encyclopedia. Twinkletoes and the Magical Kingdom of Dance Book – an Encyclopedia of Dance designed for children is a helpful guide for dance students and teachers. The encyclopedia is a comprehensive illustrated book by Mary Alpha Johnson that takes readers on a journey through the world of ballet with the help of our favorite ballerina, Twinkletoes. Over 200 pages are filled with characters, objects, descriptive steps and terminology. This book will bring pleasure to the student’s experience of dance with the enchantment and joy of nature. French terms are taught through association with a character: Relevé the Giraffe, Sauté the Bunny, and Port de Bras the Octopus are just a few examples of the characters included in the book.

The book can be used in the classroom as a way to introduce a character to the students. It is also a fantastic book for dance teachers and ballet students to own. I added this book to my teaching collection this past summer, and I can emphatically state that it is an amazing must have!

You can purchase your enyclopedia here; if you enter ‘DanceExec2013’ at the checkout, you will receive 10% off the purchase price.

mkod encyclopedia_grande (2)

mkod encyclopeda picture

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