Happy Monday! Today is a Magical Monday, and we are delighted to featured Magical Kingdom of Dance’s brilliant way of  teaching young students to differentiate between the right and left sides of their body.

At the MKOD studio, part of the young students’ dress requirement includes the “Righty Red” and “Lefty Blue” diamond bracelets and foot-wraps as a part of the dress code.  Parents and students have been incredibly responsive to this requirement because they realize that this teaching tool benefits classroom management, listening and following directions, and the learning process of identifying the right and left sides of the body.

The students love the diamond crown that adorns the bracelets, and the foot-wraps are comfortable and easy to put on prior to the beginning of class.  If the students are taking a combination class, where a change of shoes is needed, then the foot-wraps are placed on the foot before the shoe goes on.  The foot-wrap is worn over the shoe if it is a one-subject class.

Can you imagine how helpful this is when you want your students to put their Righty Red foot out and tap it 4x’s? You do not have to dwell on the directions because you just say RIGHTY RED foot.  If you are doing a step in a circle formation these work like magic!“Lean toward Righty Red” is so much easier than the command, “lean to your right.”  We all know how difficult it is to go the correct way when looking across the circle at your teacher.  There are also largerred and blue bands made out of rubber that can be used for older students, too.  Have you noticed how many pre-teens struggle with identifying their right from their left?

Teachers can buy these colorful “Righty Red and Lefty Blue” bracelets and foot-wraps pre-packaged as a set via the MKOD. Twinkletoe girls love the sparkle and guys have a standard rubberized band for their wrist instead and a straight wrap for their foot. You will love the efficiency and organization these items bring to your classroom!

For more information or to purchase your first order of “magic”, visit the Righty Red & Lefty Blue page at the Magical Kingdom of Dance!!

Righty Red and Lefty Blue product photo - edited

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