Your logo powerfully represents your brand. The logo should tie in to your brand/culture, and, most importantly, it should be memorable and relevant to your mission and purpose.

The Power of a Good Logo by Diana Plesa recommends a logo embrace the following 5 components:

(1) Simplicity to allow for easy recognition.

(2) Memorability to stay in people’s minds

(3) Timelessness to still be effective 10, 20, and 50 years from now

(4) Versatility in color or black and white, blown up or sized down

(5) Appropriateness to the purpose of the organization

Does your logo meet such criteria? If not, how can it improve?

Making slight adjustments to your logo can be beneficial, but repeatedly overhauling your look can actually be detrimental to your brand recognition.

Stay consistent with your logo and place it on as many things as possible. It will boost your marketing and sales and strengthen the power of your business!

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