Your word usage makes an impression upon people and impacts your mood and motivation. We always encourage our students to practice positive attitudes, and as their instructors, it is important that we hold ourselves to the same standard.

In Extreme Health Radios’ 7 Words to Remove From Your Vocabulary by Justin Stellman, the following Disempowering versus Empowering Phrases are listed:

Instead of SHOULD, say: Choose, Desire, Want, Could

Instead of NEED TO, say: Choose To, Want To, Desire To

Instead of HAVE TO, say: Desire To

Instead of CAN’T, say: Am Not Willing To, Choose Not To

Instead of ALWAYS/NEVER, say: Sometimes, Often, Seldom

Instead of MUST, say: Choose, Desire

Instead of BUT, say:And

Instead of TRY, say:Intend, Aim, Will, Can, Commit To

Instead of NAH/NOPE, say: No

Instead of YEAH/UH-HUH, say: Yes

Instead of JUST/ ONLY, say:I Am

Instead of YOU MAKE ME, say:I Feel, I Am

Instead of PROBLEM, say:Opportunity, Challenge

You will be amazed at how a slight vocabulary shift can work wonders for your communication abilityand projected/perceived outlook!