At the beginning of a new dance season, it is important to implement extra touches to excite and invigorate your clientele for the new dance year.

Ideas include:

  • Implementing All New Music in Classes
  • Having a Greeter to Welcome Parents & Students (since the front desk is usually incredibly busy during the first few weeks)
  • Making Sure Instructors Know Every Child’s Name & That New Students Feel Welcome
  • Playing Last Year’s Recital DVD
  • Posting Last Year’s Recital Photographs
  • Keeping All Areas of the Studio Clean, Neat, and Presentable (this should be a year-round standard)
  • Placing a Sign in Front of the Studio Welcoming Everyone
  • Having Registration Information Organized and Presented in an Orderly Manner (See Our Post onĀ Program Welcome Packets)
  • Informing Clients of the Success of the Week via Social Media & Email

During the first few weeks, talk to as many people as possible and be as present as much as possible. Welcome everyone back, inquire about their summer, and make a personal connection that is memorable and demonstrative of an exceptional customer service experience. You will make an impression, and, as a result, you will build your brand and clients’ loyalty for years to come!

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