Visualization and Association:

Key Tools for Teaching Ballet to the Very Young

 Terminology is an important component of properly teaching ballet to young dancers.  Since ballet terminology is French, it makes it difficult for students to grasp and remember all of the terms. The Magical Kingdom of Dance makes learning French dance terms easy for students of all ages. Preschoolers are like sponges, ready to absorb new material. It is recommended to teach children a second language as early as possible, so it’s time to take advantage of this in the dance studio, too.

A large majority of children, and adults, for that matter, learn more easily through visualization and association. This is the backbone of the Magical Kingdom of Dance program. Each character is given a French name that is easily associated with the step. Port de Bras the Octopus means carriage of the arms.  Port de Bras the Octopus does not have thumbs or elbows, just like you should not see a dancer’s thumbs or elbows. Plié the Cricket means to bend. Crickets always land with their knees bent and so should dancers! The entire collection of MKOD Characters can be found in the Twinkletoes and the Magical Kingdom of Dance Encyclopedia.


plie cricket

 Ballet students that are taught the Magical Kingdom of Dance method are enthusiastic each week about learning a new character and step! Far too often, ballet students do not know French terminology. Adapting the MKOD method at your studio is a wonderful way to increase your students’ knowledge. It adds a positive twist to the educational side of your ballet classes while still having fun!

For more information and to explore the full collection of teaching tools, visit the Magical Kingdom of Dance.


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