Dance instructor, Nuala DeGeorge, found a way to take her passion for her students, dance, and dance education to the next level. While Nuala has always enjoyed the experience of working with dancers and impacting their lives, she longed to find a way to tell the story of the lives behind the choreography, the students, the teachers, and her colleagues. She wanted to create a treasure that anyone involved in this industry would eternally treasure.

By combining her interest in textile arts and passion for dance, Nuala founded Keepsake Stitches, a business that recycles old dance costumes and recital t-shirts into quilts, pillows, and wall hangings. The product makes a wonderful, custom gift for teachers, studio owners, dance moms, and dance students. Nuala emphasizes the greatest part of this business is capturing a dancer’s legacy and seeing the looks of shock, sentiment, surprise, and gratitude when a gift is received. With Keepsake Stitches, the gifts are incredibly personalized and are created to track an individual’s journey and history in dance.

When asked about specific projects, Nuala speaks with sincere joy when she reflects on creating a full quilted wall hanging for her former studio owner’s retirement. A timely project, the piece was created from a place of love, respect, and admiration, and it is obvious that Nuala commits that level of integrity to each and every one of her projects.

Christina Pizzuti-Stiriz offers wonderful sentiments for Nuala’s works of art. When Christina left the dance studio to pursue a dance opportunity with the New York Knicks, Nuala presented her with a bag that featured her photograph. While the bag was intended to carry Christina’s dance shoes, she loved it so much that it now serves as an entryway piece to her home. Without hesitation, Christina describes the bag as a “true masterpiece.”

For more information on Keepsake Stitches, visit the company’s Website or Facebook page. You may also email or call 914-659-9826. Please keep in mind that all projects are custom designed and vary depending on size, medium, content, etc. Nuala is happy to work with you to create the perfect memento or gift to document your dance experiences.

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