The dance industry is constantly evolving and changing, and if you are negligent in adapting (and adopting) technical and stylistic evolution, current costume fashions, business practices, and teaching methodologies, your studio will ultimately suffer, or become outdated. For example, you would not want to attend a medical practice that did not update their office; similarly, you should not operate or attend a studio that has neglected to maintain and/or update their practices.

There are numerous ways of staying abreast of the current state of the industry, including regularly taking classes, frequenting cities that are preeminent in the industry (New York City and Los Angeles), watching current movies/theatrical pieces/Broadway shows/television, maintaining a regular presence on the competition and convention circuit, attending teacher workshops and conferences, joining networking groups, investigating new music options, keeping your studio well stocked and replenished with teaching tools for students, becoming certified via various organizations, checking out costume preview shows, and reading periodicals/books/online articles that are relevant to the dance industry and business world.

List ten ways that you have stayed “current” and “involved” in the dance industry in the past month (outside of your regular studio operations). If you struggle with the exercise, you may want to explore ways to strengthen your relevancy. As a business person, studio owner, and/or instructor, you have an obligation to provide your students with the best dance education possible. The more knowledge you have, the greater your business, and your students, will thrive.